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I am extremely grateful for this referral from one of my Clients... Thank youSusan Barnes.

Hello face book friends...if you or anyone you know is thinking about selling or buying a new home...I know of a great realtor...his name is Kelley Winters at Coldwell Banker realty. Kelley is an extremely honest realtor, which I find are far and few between. Even though he was losing a sale, if there was a house he didn't think was up to par, he told me to walk away...how many realtors would advise that? Not many as they are only thinking of the all mighty dollar. Through kelley's honesty and integrity, he lead me the right way, and now I am living in a house, where I am very happy. As I look back at some of the homes we had seen, I am so happy he spared me from the work and money which would have had to go into them. He was always very punctual, friendly, supportive, cheered me up when I was frustrated and thought in this market I was never going to find a home which I liked and could afford. Kelley was not just a realtor, he was a friend, we had some great laughs. He is real, genuine and down to earth. Kelley always always answered all my e mails and phone calls very promptly.
Honestly, if you want a realtor who is patient, understanding, real, and is not just in realty for the money, he is your man. 
Thank you kelley for all the laughs for your patience and

If you want to get a hold of kelley, talk to me...I will connect you, or call him at Marquise Realty Coldwell Banker.....in Morgan Creek area.



From John S. Crane

Attn: Kelley Winters

 I sincerely wanted to thank you for the help and advice you gave to me while my search for a home, as I have no experience in Real Estate what so ever. I found Kelley to be a completely honest and trustworthy person and would reccommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell.

I found you to be more like a good friend than a salesman looking to line his pockets quickly "So to Speak" and move on.

If anyone needs a Realtor® with integrety that you can fully trust and get the home you would like, I would definatly seek his talented services again.

Thank you again Kelley, it has been a pleasure!

John. S. Crane.